Monday, March 30, 2009

A true fan

Following up on my post from last week. As the nation now knows, our beloved Orange took it on the chin from the Oklahoma Sooners last Friday, thus ending their great '08-'09 campaign. Friday night we shared dinner with friends at a Hibachi steak house (the kids were amazed at the techniques), and then we gathered at ourplace so the dads could watch the second half and the kids could play. Although the game was on, my kids were more interested in Barbies - can't blame them. Although, as the game came to a close and the sadness of another season ending played out across my face, my oldest came to my side and asked what was wrong. I said "Syracuse lost." She promptly teared up, a sad little frown cut across her face, and her lip started to quiver as she said "But I didn't want them to lose," and she climbed onto the couch for a brief but heartfelt cry. Indoctrination complete - she is now a true fan. And now...on to OPENING DAY!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A little indoctrination of my own

Given that we're smack dab in the middle of March Madness, I would like to give some quick but well-deserved props to my wife for giving me the space to not only watch my beloved Syracuse Orange blow through the Big East Tourney (save for one game) and into the NCAA Tourney Sweet 16, but also for letting me indoctrinate my two daughters into "Orange Nation."
Yesterday, my daughters received in the mail the two SU t-shirts I bought for them from Manny's on the Hill in Syracuse. They immediately put them on and paraded around the house chanting "Let's go Orange!" as I smiled proudly.
By the way, my 5-year old likes Paul Harris because "he's strong."
My 3-year old likes Andy Rautins..."because he plays for Syracuse."
Do you need any other reason?

Okay Mom...

Wow. I didn't realize how long it's been since I posted. Things got away from me during the holidays, and before I know it, here it is almost April. It would've been longer had it not been guessed dear Mother-in-law, who kindly busted my chops at an engagement party last weekend about not posting recently.
So here's an interesting thing I never considered before. My wife and I are planning to move, from our townhome to a single family home closer to the office. In planning and scouting, I did what any other guy with my background would do. I got out the map, set the maximum drive distances, and plotted the towns we could comfortably consider.
My wife's first question: how close is the synagogue?
Of course, growing up, churches are a dime a dozen. Name a town, and you've got multiple options. Spread your consideration set to the next towns over and you'd have a different church for every day of the week.
I never considered this issue...but now I do. So now in addition to schools, taxes, neighborhood safety, thru-traffic, and easements, I add a box for Synagogue... butcher is another consideration that came up...but I can live with tofu and veggies.