Thursday, March 26, 2009

Okay Mom...

Wow. I didn't realize how long it's been since I posted. Things got away from me during the holidays, and before I know it, here it is almost April. It would've been longer had it not been guessed dear Mother-in-law, who kindly busted my chops at an engagement party last weekend about not posting recently.
So here's an interesting thing I never considered before. My wife and I are planning to move, from our townhome to a single family home closer to the office. In planning and scouting, I did what any other guy with my background would do. I got out the map, set the maximum drive distances, and plotted the towns we could comfortably consider.
My wife's first question: how close is the synagogue?
Of course, growing up, churches are a dime a dozen. Name a town, and you've got multiple options. Spread your consideration set to the next towns over and you'd have a different church for every day of the week.
I never considered this issue...but now I do. So now in addition to schools, taxes, neighborhood safety, thru-traffic, and easements, I add a box for Synagogue... butcher is another consideration that came up...but I can live with tofu and veggies.

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